eyePlorer, SimpleMind and FlowBreeze

Recent mind mapping and related software:

eyePlorer for visual exploration of the sematic net

A very interesting tool, still in its infancy, this is very cool.  Many terms that you might enter yield a blank circle, but when you hit one for which they have analyzed content, it can be fascinating.  Then it will provide a view of the topic that would be hard (impossible?) to find elsewhere.  I look forward to seeing this mature.  More instructions and information about how it works would be good too.

It’s not a mind or concept mapping tool, nor is it a search engine, but it has a hint of each of these.  (click to see a large image)



Yet another mind mapper for the iPhone.  There is a free version (search for SimpleMindX at the App Store) and another for $6.99.



This is an add on for MS Excel that can draw flowcharts and swim-lane diagrams from text.


 Keep an eye on eyePlorer – definitely one to watch.  That’s it for now. Soon I’ll be blogging about WikIT the mind mapping wiki – I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but it deserves a deeper look.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software


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  1. Hi luongdat,

    It certainly is. MindBerry and several others are on my list for the next update. Probably this weekend if I can find the time.


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