Goin’ mainstream?

Chuck Frey, over at the MindMappingSoftware Blog has a piece predicting that 2009 will be the year when mind mapping goes mainstream.

As readers who followed my competition here at the end of last year will know, I sure hope he’s right. But I do think it’s going to take effort from the community.

What’s great is that there are activities going on that might be taking us in the right direction:

Gideon King of NovaMind has been posting helpful videos on blip.tv explaining the use of mind mapping

informationtamers has launched WikIT, a really useful wiki devoted to how to make and use mind maps and similar diagrams

Paul Foreman of mindmapinspiration has launched an attractive series of eBooks on mind mapping and creativity, as well as a Try Mindmapping pack

and, of course the competitors in the mind-mapping.org competition came up with some great ideas.  I hope to be acting on some of those soon.

If you have ideas or are already taking action to help make Chuck’s prediction come true, please add your comments here and let readers of this blog know.

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  1. Hi Vic,

    Don’t forget about MindMapSwitch!

    This is the content from my own personal blog moved into a blog focused on providing mind mapping techniques and tips for anyone interested in mind mapping.

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