The competition: Where we are now?

I thought a review of comments and communications would be good at this half-way point of the competition, after I followed the suggestion to extend it.

The response is encouraging and some good ideas are coming out.  This is how the suggestions have built up so far, most recent first:

Chance Brown has posted a comment about his map setting out the advantages and nature of mind mapping called “How Mindmapping Can Help You.”  If potential mind map users don’t see what’s in it for them, they won’t try mind mapping, so this map is important.  Can you add to it, dear reader?

Paul Foreman emailed me another entry called “EG” for “Exponential Growth“.  This aims directly at ideas for expanding the numbers of people who know about mindmapping – a key need.  Please look at this in detail and see if it sparks further ideas.

Matthew Lang wrote that mind mappers with their own sites and blogs should work together to get the word out, contribute their favourite mind map to an e-book, with a description and their thoughts about benefits.  This would be highlighted on each contributor’s web site and be promoted in all our emails and other forms of communication like Twitter, Pownce and other social networking sites. A very simple website should be setup where people can read about mind mapping and download the e-book.  I believe this is a good idea because it is very do-able.  Would it work for you?  Comments please!

@mdalves saw a picture of Dr. Gregory House writing linear notes on a flip-chart and thought “this is the answer to Vic’s question!”  Send a direct message to the general public, he says.  “What about Dr. Gregory House mind-mapping their brainstorms instead of writing boring lines of text? People would talk, ask about it, discuss in the forum, imitate him and start mind mapping on their own.”  Whilst this would not be easy to put into practice, if we could achieve it, it would have the greatest leverage and effect I believe.  Any ideas on how we might get the message over to a TV producer, and how we could motivate them?

John Taylor emailed this mind map with the modest comment “My small attempt.”  John proposes tighter integration between mind mapping and other types of software; mind mappers openly using the technique and describing its benefits as a matter of routine; thought leaders in the field making a collective effort; and an analysis of barriers to expansion with a response.

Oprah has written about mindmapping, and apparently Al Gore does it.  Any leverage there folks??