Hints of a new 3D mind mapping tool

Jeff Lowe of the ThinkBalm Innovation community posted recently about on-line brainstorming session using a 3D mind mapper that he had developed.  Naturally, I wrote off to find out about it and he quickly gave me a couple of links.

These are early times – I can’t even point to the site for the software itself, so it doesn’t earn a place in the mind-mapping.org database yet, but it’s newsworthy and something to watch out for.  There are not many 3D mind mappers out there, just Conspicio, MindScene, Morsego, Nelements and Topicscape (the last of which I use daily).

This so-far-unamed software operates in Second Life.   Here’s what it looks like:

Click the picture to see the largest size

Being in Second Life, it looks as if this could shape up to be the first collaborative 3D mind mapper. 


Vic Gee
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