CoFFEE, Hypergraph, and js-mindmap

I’ve been writing about the future of mindmapping recently, and decided I’d better mention updates to the Master List of mind mapping software.  Three new packages have appeared recently, all of them free, and their records are now in the database. 


CoFFEE has concept mapping as a minor capability in its function as a groupware application for digital discussions in live classrooms.


Hypergraph specialises in making hyperbolic maps and is already a capable and interesting piece of open source software.


js-mindmap is in the very early stages of development.  It aimes to take a sitemap or similar in HTML and produce a mind map from it using Javascript.  Could be useful in jazzing up dull lists of links.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software

Update Nov 20th 2008:  This was published in error on Nov 9th as a page instead of as a post.


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  1. is there any program, where you can input handwritten information. With MindManager Mindjet you have to pay for it.

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