iPhone / iPod Touch mind mapping software

In the big-screen world of computers there is a seemingly endless supply of developers keen to give us mind mapping software.  Are we going to see a repeat on the iPhone and iPod Touch?

A few days ago there was MindMaker (US$5) – the first contender.  It has some way to go, but does show promise and they have a roadmap.  Its most obvious limitation is that it does not provide a landscape view when the device (mine’s an iPod Touch) is rotated. 


Now there’s iBlueSky (US$8) – to my eye a more stylish entrant, and one that already offers portrait mode. 


Not quite mind mapping software, but capable of making hand-drawn maps is Zeptopad (US$10).  They even choose a hand made mind map as their screenshot illustration (but I don’t think it would come very high in the hand made mind maps survey that the Mindmaps Directory people have going on):


And there I was thinking I’d have a quiet week…. 

Vic Gee
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