The business of idea mapping

I’ve written before about how Mastering mind mapping can help at work  especially as recession looms. Well now, Chuck Frey has interviewed Jamie Nast on a closely-related topic.  Chuck has entitled the piece “Learn to think visually – or else”.

Jamie says “To this day the majority of people have not heard of mind mapping or idea mapping”.  This is amazing, but true, and it’s what motivates me most in maintaining as a directory of information mapping software, repository of articles, and a go-to place for information about visual thinking.  And I regularly comment on blogs all over the web to get the message out about different ways of seeing and presenting ideas, plans, creativity and information.

We’ve heard Buzan say that mind maping has gone mainstream, but sadly, it really hasn’t yet, though it is increasingly popping up in unexpected corporate environments. Two of the people responsible for that are Nast and Frey!

Vic Gee
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