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New on mind-mapping.org this week, there are even more new, browser-based mind-mapping apps, and some bits and pieces of news about other events.


Ekpenso* is a new, web-based mind mapping application in the first stages of development, but they are offering off-line use with Google Gears from the get go.


* Footnote: According to their web site, “Ekpenso” is Esperanto for idea or thought.  Not a lot of people know that…

Mindjet Connect

Given MindManager’s reach — almost certainly greater than any other commercial mind map software** — the most important announcement recently must be the web server application launched by Mindjet.  This works with MindManager to support collaborative use of mind maps. 

I’ve got a couple of questions in at MindJet about the clients it works with and pricing anomalies.  Will fill in on these later.

Update July 16 2008: One lost email and a re-send later, I can now say how users interact with Connect.  You can use : The full desktop product (MM7 SP2); Firefox 2.0; Safari 2.0 (Mac); IE 6.0 (with XP); and IE 7.0 (with Vista) to access and edit mind maps hosted on the Connect server.

On price the range  for the standard package is:
1-9 users, $11.99/user/month on a month by month basis (less if you commit to a year)
50-99 users, $8.99/user/month for a 1-yr contract.

** Second footnote: OK, all you FreeMind folks, I know you almost certainly have way more downloads than any other mind map software, but I carefully wrote “commercial mind map software”, OK?)

Mind42 no longer Beta

Mind42 has come out of Beta.  It is still free, but they say they’re working on a ‘pro’ version.


A new web-based mind map application from the UK, this one focuses on associated clips, images and other and multimedia related to a mind map but separated from the map itself to reduce confusion.


More about Chuck Frey’s re-organization of his blog

After his move, Chuck has gathered all his valuable reports and research in one place here: http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/research-reports/ 

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