Visuwords – a VisualThesaurus competitor

Here’s a quick update after my recent post – I found an on-line mapper showing the relationships between words, called Visuwords.


This has similarities to VisualThesaurus but it goes a stage further because it seeks to show the relationships between words using colour and shape-coded connecting lines.  So what you get is a type of concept map.  The part-of-speech of each word is colour-coded as well.  You can’t build your own maps with it, but put in a word and you’ll see it build the relationships in front of your eyes.

A bonus: Unlike many of these on-line applications, it has an option to take advantage of a large screen.

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3 Replies to “Visuwords – a VisualThesaurus competitor”

    1. Thanks, that looks useful.

      I think the visual thesaurus tools are good for learners to understand where a word fits in the net of related terms, but for someone who wants to find an alternative word quickly that looks very useful.

      I like the way it will take a whole passage and allow the user to pick alternatives or leave the originals. Good use of Web 2.0! A less imaginative designer might simply have automated a paper thesaurus.

      Vic (@VicGee on Twitter)
      The master list of mind mapping &
      information management software

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