MindMeister introduces off-line option

Users of MindMeister (well, Premium users, anyway) now have the option to take their mind maps offline:

This long-anticipated addition to web-based applications’ capabilities will surely have to be emulated by the other web-based mind mapping software developers. 

Then, can the publishers of all the desktop mind mapping software packages afford to be left behind?



3 Replies to “MindMeister introduces off-line option”

  1. Mindmeister has just had a major update and has a great iPhone/iPad app – might be worth adding an update here? Our company use it extensively, especially for collaboration on projects.

    1. This is a passing blog entry from 2007. All the substantive information is in the main database here, and in Vic’s Picks here.

      I need to mention the iOS capability there, and will add that on the next update.


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