ConceptDraw’s mind-map sharing site

Our friends at ConceptDraw* have just announced an interesting new site for sharing mind maps over at ( takes you to the same place).

They accept maps in many file formats, not just their own ConceptDraw.  MindManager, VisualMind, NovaMind, MindGenius, iMindMap and FreeMind maps can all be submitted.  You can also submit mind maps in image form, including hand-drawn ones.  It would be good if there were some type of browsing capability, with thumbnails, say.

They have some running to do to catch up with the Topicscape Mindmaps Directory, which had almost 600 [updated Dec’09] 1,126 maps, last time I looked.  That just has links to maps on their original sites, but it does tag and classify maps and has thumbnails, which makes it easy to browse.

I’ll be adding this new site to MindMapSearch soon.


* I would link to the ConceptDraw site, but it’s rated red in SiteAdvisor, and I don’t want to get the same treatment!  Can’t you fix that Odessa guys?

OK Now! [updated Dec’09]


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  1. Vic,

    Thanks for the nice words about It has taken a while but we are green on SiteAdvisor with ConceptDraw site.


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