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The mindmapping search engine has its own site at MindMapSearch

Head on over to:

razor sharp mind mapping search

I’ve taken all the links that make up the sources on which the search engine draws, added a description, and categorized the links.  Links can appear under more than one category.  Where a site is mainly about mind mapping, the link is to the front page.  If, like Lifehacker for example, it’s mainly about other topics but has good mind mapping references as well, there’s a link to the front page and a link to the specific mind mapping items.

I’ve added forum or newsgroup links for all the mind mapping software that has support or user communities.  MindManager, as the market dominator with many sites originated not by Mindjet but by users, has its own category page.

Please tell me about broken links, as well as any sites that should be added, and I’d like to hear what you think about the site.  Is it useful?



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  1. Great resource Vic, thank you for putting this search together. It’s bookmarked. I hope that we can soon give news on our developments to integrate mindmap import/export for transLucidonline and give something back to the mind-mapper community.

    All the best,

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