Text-to-mindmap in one click – It’s Mappio!

I’m adding this one to Mind-mapping.org as part of this weekend’s update, but I want to put the word out now:

Mappio – it’s at mappio.com – will take a lightly indented text file and make a mind map from it.  The text must be formatted according to some simple guidelines and the indents show structure. 

For now, the maps are limited in many ways, but it is a very interesting approach to making mind maps.  Allowing pictures and hyperlinked nodes at this early stage is cool.  There’s no privacy for maps at present, but you need to be logged in as the maker to edit the text.

Here’s a mind map of mind-mapping.org that I made (click to go to the original at Mappio):


And this is the text that did the job:

Mind-mapping.org++ * http://www.mind-mapping.org 
    Master list of Mind   http://www.mind-mapping.org, 
    mapping software { Shape: RoundRect } 
        Includes concept mapping 
        Has other information, 
             But they must include, 
             a graphical element 
        Control what you see with, 
        'Refine software list' 
        All currently live software http://www.mind-mapping.org/full-list.php 
        All historical software http://www.mind-mapping.org/full-list-historical.php 
    Articles on mapping http://www.mind-mapping.org/article_main.php { Shape: RoundRect } 
        Creativity http://www.mind-mapping.org/mindmapping-and-creativity/ 
        Mindmapping and you http://www.mind-mapping.org/mindmapping-and-you/ 
        Mindmapping before writing http://www.mind-mapping.org/mindmapping-before-writing/ 
        Business and planning 
        Project management http://www.mind-mapping.org/mindmapping-for-business-and-planning/ 
        Learning, study, memory http://www.mind-mapping.org/mindmapping-learning-study-memory/ 
        Information Management 
        Seminal papers in  http://www.mind-mapping.org/seminal-papers-in-information-mapping/, 
        concept mapping 
    Razor-sharp mind, 
    mapping search { Shape: RoundRect } 
        Search box http://www.mind-mapping.org/article_main.php 
        List of sites it draws on http://www.mind-mapping.org/mm_sites.php 
    Mind mapping news at the blog http://www.mind-mapping.org/blog/  { Shape: RoundRect } 


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