Imindi, PAUX, UML Explorer, Mappio and yalips

There are five additions to the mind map software list at this weekend: Imindi, PAUX, UML Explorer, Mappio and yalips.

Imindi – Something to watch – with interest.  It has high aspirations but little information on actual progress so far:


Mappio – This is not officially out yet, but it’s accessible and you can sign up without waiting.  I made a little mind map of with Mappio, but I’ve blogged about that already:  This is web based:


PAUX – Information management sofware with a visual element, an outlines element and a claim to a “multidimensional mindmap”.  I have no idea what the pricing is.  It says: Free “in the context of a development partnership” and there is no information about how it is priced outside such a partnership.  This is a thumbnail of the only image I could find of how the UI looks and feels:


UML Explorer Part of the ModelMaker family, this UML tool can make mind maps and is at a good price point for a product with such capabilities:


yalips – Yes the lower-case name is the way they’ve registered the trademark, so I won’t capitalize it.  Makes you wonder where the name comes from.  This is another UML diagrams product that goes much further in the diagramming, and includes mind maps.  Reasonably priced for such a product as well:


As usual, there’s more information with full-size images at