More 3D mind mapping software

I spotted this a while ago, then lost the link and couldn’t remember the name.  Well, it’s “Mind Scene”.  I came across a reference that took me back to it and at last it’s on  There are not many mind mapping software products using 3D – there’s Axon, 3D Topicscape (which I’ve been using to organise information since their first beta phase) and Nelements.

Mind Scene takes a different, almost animation film, approach.  It seems clearly aimed at the education market.  It looks as if it would take a lot of effort to produce just one mind map, but that mind map would probably be used to support an item in a curriculum, so the investment would be spread across many students.  There’s no information that I could find about pricing, either, just a reference to “purchase with elearning credits”.


Their news page has had no entries since April 2006, which may not be an encouraging sign.