This weekend’s new entry to Mind-mapping.org is WiseMapping, another web-based, on-line mind mapping tool.


This is in a very early stage of development, so it would be premature to make any judgement, but it shows no distinguishing features yet.  It promises linking of documents to a map and sharing finished maps, but does not make clear if collaborative working will be supported.

I’ll be tracking progress from time to time and will keep the entry up to date.


WiseMapping guys, if you’d like to give me a heads up on the introduction of new features that would be great! V


More 3D mind mapping software

I spotted this a while ago, then lost the link and couldn’t remember the name.  Well, it’s “Mind Scene”.  I came across a reference that took me back to it and at last it’s on mind-mapping.org.  There are not many mind mapping software products using 3D – there’s Axon, 3D Topicscape (which I’ve been using to organise information since their first beta phase) and Nelements.

Mind Scene takes a different, almost animation film, approach.  It seems clearly aimed at the education market.  It looks as if it would take a lot of effort to produce just one mind map, but that mind map would probably be used to support an item in a curriculum, so the investment would be spread across many students.  There’s no information that I could find about pricing, either, just a reference to “purchase with elearning credits”.


Their news page has had no entries since April 2006, which may not be an encouraging sign.



“Little Sir ECCO how do you do?”

There’s an update on the amazing status of ECCO Pro.

Those with long computer memories will recall how much of a popular (almost cult) following this had soon after it was launched in 1993, with its highly customizable interface.  It’s been  on mind-mapping.org since June last year loosely under the outliners and information management categories.


Well, I just had a comprehensive update from Jim Chisholm, and learned that there are two tech groups on Yahoo supporting it – not only that, one group is actively enhancing ECCO Pro, even making it run on USB sticks without installation on the host PC!

And it’s all for free.


Updated:  “There is another Yahoo tech group that appears to have been formed to cover ECCO, but it is a spam site now.”


Mind mappers: Conspicio & GnuConcept. Mind map options: Enterprise Architect & QwikiWiki

QwikiWiki – a wiki with mind mapping features (no screenshots found).

Conspicio – a mind mapper with a 3D view option.  Not to be confused with Consideo – that was last time! 


Sparx Enterprise Architect – a UML modeller with the newly-added ability to support mind mapping:


GnuConcept Interfaz – a simple mind mapper:


Another week, and four new entries.  My thanks to those who helped me find these.