New mind mapping software: Consideo, Semantik & Xebece

New: Consideo Modeler is a simulation package with a mind-mapping front end as one of its interfaces.  It is costly, but simulation software never comes cheap.


New: Semantik is a mindmapper that is currently under development as a replacement for Kdissert.  It can be downloaded now, and can already read Kdissert files.


New: Xebece uses the hyperbolic maps model to solve the problem of too much information on one page.  This software was previously known as Celientra and Ontographics before that.  Its author certainly has a way with names – I prefer Celientra, myself because I can think of about five ways that Xebece might be pronounced.


Well, that’s it – the new entries on for the weekend.



New/updated entries on the mind mapping software list

New: Curio – I mentioned this project management software with mind mapping built in recently in the blog and now it’s up on


New: Free outliner Task Coach has been added.


New: BrainStreamer is a task manager that includes a mind mapper.


New: (Well, new to ThinkTank a charming piece of downloadable, runnable outlining history from twenty years ago.  That cover looks strangely familiar…


New: TVO (The Vim Outliner) a free Linux outliner.


Update: The entry for TheBrain has been updated and an image has been added.


Update: The entry for 3D Topicscape has been updated, with images of 3D mind maps from the newer version.


Update: The Leo entry also has new images and a new sourceforge URL.





New mind mapping search engine

There are now two specialized search engines on concept mapping and mind mapping that draw on well-known sites with information about mind and concept mapping.  I’ve set this up with Google Co-op.

I’m focusing on sites with genuinely useful mind mapping and concept mapping content (avoiding the ad-laden gateway pages that some people have set up, just to draw clicks).

Tell me about sites you think should be added (vic at this domain).

Google puts ads on the web result, I don’t, but I shall contact them to see if counts as a non-profit, so I can get them to take the ads off.  I expect “non-profit” only applies to the Red Cross, Oxfam and the like though.



two specialized search engines on concept mapping and mind mapping


Five tools added to the master list of information management and mind mapping software

There are some interesting additions today.  One, Rationale, is for making argument maps, and another, Pocket FreeMind, that has potential.  The author says he may later make it produce actual mind maps on pocket devices.

gjots2: a simple, free jotter and outline processor for Linux,

NeoMem: a free outliner that lets you define different classes of record.

Rationale: A graphical tool for expressing what the makers call “Argument maps”.

Pocket Freemind: A free outliner that uses the FreeMind file format and runs on Windows Mobile.

EDrawMax: A diagramming tool that can make mind and concept maps.