Numbers dropping?

The number of current software records on has dropped a little, the particularly sharp-eyed reader may notice.  There are two reasons for this.  The first was that I found a duplicate: Thinking In Pictures – also appeared under it’s publisher’s name, Logotron.   That’s been sorted now.

Then as I was wandering around the records, I found some items that have sunk since my last visit.  I have changed those to “Historical” if the site is still present but the download link or contact form doesn’t function, or to “Historical (Defunct)” if there is no longer any trace of the website or the software, even on the independent software download sites.  Changing from current to historical were: eXpertSystem; Informaizer; FaveNotes; ModellingSpace; Skwyrul; WinInfo.

Any information that might resurect these entries will be gratefully received!