ImaginationCubed and WriteMaps added

There are two new entries in the list:

ImaginationCubed: This is collaborative hand-drawing web-based software from G.E. that could conceivably be used for mind mapping.  It is flexible but, as it’s not mindmaps-aware, it is cumbersome for mind mapping.

WriteMaps: This is a web-based, on-line tool for planning web site maps (not mind maps).  It allows only a strict hierarchy.  Unlike some on-line diagramming software it makes good use of a large screen working area.  It works with Firefox only, at present.

As this shows hierarchical maps and can also display the planned web site as an outline, I felt it just about made the cut for inclusion.



3 Replies to “ImaginationCubed and WriteMaps added”

  1. it’s very difficult to browse all those so many apps and see only 3 at a page and cant filter more or sort it etc…
    it’ll be great if i can see 10 or even 30 apps in one page and filter/sort by freeware/price/download/filesize/platform/etc


  2. Have you tried the green “Refine software list” link?
    That allows you to sort by platform and type of map produced.
    Have you tried the “Go to full index of current companies and products” list? That lets you see all products on one page.
    Three entries per page is already well over a screen full. 10 or 30 would take too long to load and be unwieldy in my view.
    I have considered filtering or sorting by price and may add that when I have time (this isn’t my day job…).
    Can you explain further what you mean by “filter/sort by download”?
    “Filter/sort by filesize”: It would be impractical to try to stay up to date with that and not of very great value to users of the site, IMO.


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