Topicscape has a brand-new website

Mindmapping software

Topicscape has a brand-new website

Topicscape has just launched its new website after a thorough overhaul.  Much cleaner design, fresher, simpler and rationalized. Check it out! Mindmapwiki Twitter Our faves RSS feed Libraries Google

Resources at Mind-Mapping.Org

MindMapSearch  is the razor-sharp mind mapping search engine that lets you search all the authority sites and only those sites. Avoid all the spam sites that mention "mind mapping" only to make you click!

Interoperability  is the place to go to find out how to open a mind map in software other than the one used to make it.

Web-based mappers  provides a handy single reference source to the free and subscription on-line applications for mind mapping.

Mind Map Libraries  lists the major collections of mind maps available on line.


Top Picks (formerly Vic’s Picks) is here! Top Picks (formerly Vic’s Picks) is here!

[Updated: September 1 2013 when Roy Grubb took over this site from Vic Gee] Mind-Mapping.Org is the unchallenged leader in completeness of information on software for mind mapping, visual information management and other forms of mapping on the Web. But the amount of information there may be overwhelming: 97 pages of current products, 3 per page, and 29 pages of historical ones. So in August 2010, Mind-Mapping.Org introduced a major enhancement:
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The Mind-Mapping Wiki The Mind-Mapping Wiki

In a post some months ago, I promised to tell you more about WikIT, the mind mapping wiki but kept getting distracted.  Now I have found a few minutes to keep my word. WikIT is a facinating resource.  It takes the line that different uses of ‘information maps’ (I’m planning a post about that phrase!) are best served by different map types and
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The laws of simplicity – John Maeda

I’m browsing “Designing Universal Knowledge” by Gerlinder Schuller at present, and came across a thought-provoking guide to simplicity (‘laws’ is OTT, but that’s how they are described).  I like this list a lot. Reduce The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. Organize Organization makes a system of many appear fewer. Time Savings
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TreeSheets – fast, visual organisation for notes TreeSheets – fast, visual organisation for notes

Did you notice that my last post about new items in mentioned eight items but there were actually more in the database?  . . . . oh never mind. That’s because I was playing with a new entry that fitted a need I had, and chatting back and forth with its very capable developer, Wouter van Oortmerssen, as
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The initiative on mind & concept mapping software interoperability The initiative on mind & concept mapping software interoperability

It’s here at last!  The first publication of‘s information for mindmappers who want to interchange information between one mind mapping software package and another. After several months of (spare-time) work I’ve finished putting all the information I’ve been ferreting out and begging for into a usable form, and in one place. Presentation The hardest part was deciding how to present it.  What I decided on was to show what
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What’s all this about “fully instrumented”? What’s all this about “fully instrumented”?

Past versions of were limited and made users search for what they wanted from the “all products” list. Some users asked if I could add a search function so that they could check if a specific product was there.  Others want to to look at, for example, all mind mapping software that ran on a Mac, or
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Mind maps

Mindmapinspiration’s Gallery Mindmapinspiration’s Gallery

Mindmapinspiration has a Gallery and, as usual with Paul Foreman’s inspiring work, it’s great.  A worthy addition to’s Mind Map Libraries. Check it out. Vic Gee Google

Libraries of Mind Maps (updated) Libraries of Mind Maps (updated)

Have you noticed the growth of sites featuring libraries of mind maps on the web?  I’ve just published a page collecting information about these. I’ve has this on my ToDo list for far too long and yesterday I finally put it to bed here: The Mind Map Libraries List.  When I say “finally” I mean
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Interesting hand made mind maps

My focus at is on software-made mind maps – well obviously, I do claim this as “the master list of mind mapping and information management software”, after all.  But in the past, I have pointed readers of this blog at a couple of resources for attractive hand made maps.  Now, here’s some more: A collection of hand made mind
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Knowledge management

Visual note taking Visual note taking

From Japan, but working in English, iroha Note takes a textual approach to visualization – or a visual approach to text notes (take your pick).

Its free version feels rather like clustering with Post-it notes, but adds the capability to freely associate notes using visible but subtle linking lines. In an optional box on the left, an outline appears to show the macro-level structure.

The paid-for version, iroha Note+, adds the capability to freely associate notes using visible Continue reading…

A visual eye on education A visual eye on education

EducationEye presents a highly original tool for exploring curated feeds.  Its focus is on innovation in education and it organizes items visually, using colour to classify, a clever ‘paging’ arc and a form of clustering.   It is read-only, though you can submit suggestions.  There’s a search box, of course, and it offers an interesting but sometime patchy browsing experience. Give it a try! Vic Have you checked Our Faves
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Organisation charts with backing – OrgPlus Organisation charts with backing – OrgPlus

OrgPlus is desktop software for enterprises.  It is a visual front-end to an employee database back-end, with query functions to support Human Resources planning and, of course, organisation charts. OrgPlus provides a useful blend of serious data manager and attractive visual presentation. Vic Have you checked Our Faves yet? Subscribe to the RSS feed for news of regular posts & follow me on Twitter for in-between items about visual tools you never
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