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MindMup is a lines-and-bubbles style mind mapping application that runs in your browser.  It supports simultaneous, multi-user editing. It allows free placement of nodes. It can make a new map from an existing FreeMind (.mm) file and export back to FreeMind.  Nodes can have rich-text, web links and images attached. It can be used with no log in, or using

Price: Free

Special attributes: Adjusts neatly after free placement of nodes, allowing the user to decide what goes where, without having to untangle crossing lines. Any node can be moved, not just 1st level nodes.

Flexible storage options – Google Drive, DropBox, your browser’s storage, your computer’s file system, GitHub.

More screenshots and details for MindMup on Mind-mapping.org

Roy Grubb’s detailed review of MindMup.


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