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Microsoft Visio is stand-alone diagramming software that includes a form of mind mapping.

Although it is not designed primarily for mind mapping, it is sometimes used by those in corporations that already have this software widely installed.  In addition to Microsoft’s own site, there is an article about using Visio for brainstorming on the Luoisiana State University site.

Price: around US$400 depending on version and source

I had to flag this as a “Fave” because it is very useful for some types of work, and I use it intensively for some projects from time to time, though I never use it for mind mapping.


More screenshots and details for Visio on


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One Response to “Visio”

  1. Visio is great at what it’s designed for. However it’s not a true mind mapping tool and your will find your flow of thinking grinds to a halt quickly. Useful for documenting mind maps drawn by hand but to be honest there is better and faster out there.