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SpicyNodes is used to give a visual overview of how a web site is organised.  It makes dynamic, one or two levels deep bubble maps for web site navigation

Price: Free at present. It is in Beta.



More screenshots and details for SpicyNodes on Mind-mapping.org


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2 Responses to “SpicyNodes”

  1. Michael Chartrand says:

    I did try this one out, and the visuals are really nice as well as the fact that’s it online. Putting items into it is far from intuitive however, and it doesn’t really allow for brainstorming as others do. I would say this is one you can use to display a finished map or idea structure, but not something you can use to plan or map with when charting ideas.

    • Vic says:

      Hello Michael,

      Yes, it doesn’t really seek to be a mind mapping app, though it has a similar underlying topology. They claim to provide a different way of presenting a web site.