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All software packages in Vic’s Picks are also in the Master List, but the reverse isn’t true: Many in the Master List do not meet the criteria for notability to appear in Vic’s Picks – no longer supported perhaps, or have achieved little popularity. 

Suggest software to add . . .

. . . to the Master List

If you know of software that is not included in the Master List which is a mapping application, or is used to organise information visually, please suggest it by adding a comment here.

. . . to Vic’s Picks

If you know of software that is not included in Vic’s Picks but which you believe is significant and in the mainstream of mapping, you may suggest it by adding a comment here.

Comment on software you’ve used

If there is software in Vic’s Picks that you have used, please tell us about it.  Just add a comment to the appropriate post to tell other readers about its user friendliness, reliability and functionality.


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8 Responses to “Speak out!”

  1. Luke A. Call says:

    Hi. I have a new program to suggest for your list, which does great mind mapping (for me at least) but is not (yet) visual, rather it is textual right now, but extremely efficient to navigate: OneModel: “record, manage and share any knowledge, efficiently, with one data model.”

    It has a different vision that encompasses mind maps and much more. The best place to get an idea is with the links off this page:

    …or to start at http://onemodel.org and start with About, continuing to the FAQ.

    I could go on and on but that’s the best summary I think.

    Feedback welcome! Thanks.

  2. Michael Chartrand says:

    Hey there Vic –

    First: Love this site. It’s been a great place for all the consolidated information I was looking for, for mind mapping as a starting point.

    I am hoping to make a few comments on the software you’ve found in the next few weeks as I have tested just over 40 mind mapping (or self-proclaimed mapping) tools in the last three weeks and I’m putting a review together for it soon. I will let you know when it’s ready to go.

    Thanks again!

  3. Perry Bond says:

    Firsly, I’d like to thank you for a very useful resource, I had no idea there was so much mind mapping software out there.

    I’m looking for a simple map that I can inbed into a web page and accepts shortened hyperlinks.

    Here is my trial site:

    Now I’ve contacted bubbl.us and they say from 1/1/2011 there will only be version 2 and that will not have an inbed facility.

    I’ve downoladed and tried about 6 lots of software, but none suit. I wonder if you can recommend any that would fulfil this simple task?

    • Vic says:

      Hi Perry,

      Hold on, it may not be a problem after all. I contacted the bubbl.us developers and they replied to my query about the removal of embedding capability: “we are now considering adding it on – multiple people people are asking about it.”

      Let’s see how it develops, and I’ll investigate other options if necessary.


  4. Perry Bond says:

    Hi Vic.
    Where’s the best place to ask you a question?