Southbeach Modeller
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Southbeach Modeller is a visual analysis and diagramming tool for consultants, enterprise architects, business people, engineers and scientists.  It is based on TRIZ problem-solving methods ( Wikipedia: ) and is intended to clarify problems, and untangle conflicting causes and effects.  It allows you to show visually: What is useful? What is harmful? From which viewpoints?

Price: Free; there is a Pro version called MyCreativity which is US$95 and has a separate entry.

I like Southbeach Notation, and am exploring using this more, so I’ve flagged as a “Fave”.

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2 Responses to “Southbeach Modeller”

  1. Chrys says:

    Mac users report positive experience on Parallels. Version 3.0 released May 2013, includes auto-layout.

  2. rob says:

    doesn’t run on mac, website says run under e.g. vmware or parallels