Power Markers for MindManager
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Power Markers is an extension for Mindjet MindManager 7 – 9 (for Windows) that adds a powerful list-making feature to MindManager’s visual maps. Power Markers picks out topics with common characteristics, sorts them, groups them together in lists, and puts them in a navigation window right next to your map. For example, you can see all the unfinished actions together in one place, and click on one of them to go straight there in the visual map, even if it is buried five levels deep.

Price: Free; $79


More screenshots and details for Power Markers for MindManager on Mind-mapping.org


This is flagged as a “Fave” because it adds the ability to handle lists to mind maps that is otherwise not easy to find.

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One Response to “Power Markers for MindManager”

  1. I love PowerMarkers for MindManager. It allows me to create views of any map that just would not be possible otherwise. Great for producing lists of topics by category.