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MindView is a mind mapping tool.  The Business Edition has a Gantt view that lets you go straight from mindmapping to project management.

Price: US$249 ($349 for Business version)



More screenshots and details for MindView on Mind-mapping.org


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4 Responses to “MindView”

  1. Mike Anderson says:

    I have used Mind Mapping Software a lot for minor- and midsized IT-projects. Initially starting out with MindManager.

    Since my company is Microsoft partner I’m all organised around MS Office (intensive Office and Outlook usage as well as MS Project) and no other Mind Mapping software integrates with those better than MindView BE.

    The built-in Gantt and timline view finally made my choice of software – MM or MindView – easy!

  2. Brad Jenkins says:

    I personally think MindView is the hands down best software for overall business practices.

    They have a timeline view that no else has and their Office integration (import and export) is 2nd to none.

    I have used Mind Manager in the past but they have so much “bloatware” in their interface that it makes it impossible to navigate. They are feature rich but 75% of the features would never get used in the real world. I feel they are on a sinking ship.

  3. Scott Blakely says:

    I am purchasing this rather than upgrading from MM8 to MM9. I have used MM for many years, but they seem to have lost the spark of innovation (to me).

    I need to do more project planning than ever, and MindView let’s me do it all within a single package rather than having to purchase add-ons to do, frankly, what should already be in the software at the prices being charged.

    MM9’s internal Gantt charts don’t compare to MindViews – and with third party options you also have the version syncronization headaches.

    Lastly, not everyone in the world uses Outlook. Some of us (many?) use Lotus Notes and my understanding is that Matchware is seriously considering stepping up to the plate and supporting this integration. Who else is doing that?

  4. In my opinion, MindView Business Edition comes a very close second only to MindManager. It’s focus is on getting you mapping quickly and with few distractions and it achieves this very well. Very powerful and easy to use export features (MindJet should pay attention to how MindView exports Word documents).

    Only loses out in that I would pefer a little more control over the customisation of the maps to suit my tastes and habits.