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MindMeister is a collaborative online mind mapping tool for sharing plans and ideas with others. It supports the standard features of a mind mapping tool – only online, and with many simultaneous users.

It is integrated with Skype for oral communication while mapping.

It also allows import and export to formats that can be accepted by several mind mapping software packages. If you need to collaborate while mindmapping, this is a good choice.

Price: Free; US$5/month; team US$9/user/month


More screenshots and details for MindMeister on Mind-mapping.org


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2 Responses to “MindMeister”

  1. I rely on Mindmeister for most of my mindmapping needs. It simple, increasingly functional, and is getting better all the time. Like Andrew Wilcox I switch to Mindmanager if I need more precise control over layout and for printing needs, but most of the time I use Mindmeister.

  2. I use MindMeister occasionally when I want to collaborate, share live maps on other web sites and I could use it for mind mapping when I do not have my own PC but have web access.

    MindMeister is fast and simple. I particularly like the ability to start Wiki maps that all MindMeister (inc. free) account holders can contribute to. Its embedded sharing is much faster than Mindjet Catalyst.

    Don’t expect to get MindManager map graphics and layout control but paid account holders can export to MindManager for further processing and embellishment. The MindMeister styles have closed the gap a bit.