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bCisive is software for business decision making and diagramming. It allows you to document the reasoning behind decisions, and improve knowledge management. It is available as a desktop product and a web-based collaborative tool. This is positioned as the grown-up sibling of Rationale, also published by Austhink (see separate entry)

Price: AUD349


More screenshots and details for bCisive on Mind-mapping.org


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One Response to “bCisive”

  1. Use bCisive to document discussions, arguments and decisions. The tool can be used to record discussions and decisions or it can be used as part of the process itself. It is invaluable for reviewing logic and the rationale behind decisions – especially where the eventual conclusions are reached after several iterations. Where it really comes in useful is helping people realise that their logic is sound.

    It’s a great piece of software – it contains only the functions needed and no bloatware. Exporting details is easy – with many options to print, export images or export text.