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This is the website-of-record for software that supports planning, creativity, knowledge management and information organization in visual form. Do let me know of any software that isn't here but should be: roygrubb [at] this domain.
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  Est.Vic Gee/2006, curated by Roy Grubb since 2013 
  From:  3D-Scape Limited   Product:  3D Topicscape Personal Edition    Added:  2006-05-29
Screenshot mind mapping software 3D Topicscape Personal Edition     Screenshot mind mapping software 3D Topicscape Personal Edition     Screenshot mind mapping software 3D Topicscape Personal Edition    
What they say:  " 3D Topicscape: The information organizer for mindmappers and others.
A flexible way to plan new projects and manage information. It's like concept mapping or mindmapping, but in 3D. You can even import FreeMind mind maps to build a 3D view from work you've already done in 2D (and export them again).

- take in your To Do lists with just a glance at your 3D landscape; zoom in on part of the landscape and go back instantly; make live links to Outlook tasks, contacts, etc. (in Pro).

- use the information organizer developed for mindmappers and project managers, easy for all to use

- research on the web while saving many web pages in parallel as .mht archives. No waiting, just drop onto the 3D landscape and keep surfing

- greatly expand your mindmapping capabilities."
Observations:  In December 2009, a new version of 3D Topicscape Pro was introduced that allows you to view your information in 2D or 3D and toggle backwards and forwards between these views. There have been several updates since then.
This is 3D concept mapping / mindmapping software. Lets you see much more at one time than any other product I've seen. Allows 3D zooming and flying. One Topicscape can hold a very large collection of nodes and files - into the thousands it seems. Topicscapes can be interlinked. The Student Edition (SE) is free but it's limited to storing text and web files.
There's an example of how the 3-D format works here that might be helpful:- http://www.topicscape.com/Topicscape-3D-mindmap-structure-explained.php G+
Where:  http://www.topicscape.com/
OS: Windows
Price:  SE: free; Lite: US$50; Pro: US$110
Categories: 3D concept maps, 3D mind maps, concept maps, information management, knowledge management, mind maps, visual organizer
  From:  5-Minute Downloads   Product:  Outliner 2.0    Added:  2008-09-15
Screenshot mind mapping software Outliner 2.0     Screenshot mind mapping software Outliner 2.0    
What they say:  " Create tasks, shopping lists, projects or brainstorming reports. Create your outlines with desktop software (outliner, mindmapping, etc.) and import them to your device. Special feature: Go To, jump from one node to any other within the file, create loops, simulate processes."
Observations:  Claims to work on all mobile/cell phones. Will need some work to get it going if your phone doesn't already have Java installed. One source of information for that is here:
http://www.pocketpcmag.com/cms/index.php?q=blogs/3/2266 G+
Where:  http://www.5minutedownloads.com/
OS: Pocket PC, Symbian
Price:  $12
Categories: outlines
  From:  Accidental Fish Ltd   Product:  Fluent MindMap    Added:  2014-03-14
Screenshot mind mapping software Fluent MindMap    
What they say:  " Use the clutter free designer to quickly generate and organise your ideas into an elegant mind map. Easily add new nodes, change text, and set colours for one or multiple nodes. Zoom in to focus on a handful of notes or out to see the big picture.

Use email or Dropbox to share your ideas with friends, colleagues and clients in a variety of popular file formats including PNG, PDF, SVG and Fluent Mind Map's native format. You can also share your documents across multiple devices editing conveniently on your iPad and always having them in your pocket on your iPhone."

Observations:  G+
Where:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fluent-mind-map/id645539191?mt=8
OS: iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch
Price:  iPad+iPhone: $2
Categories: mind maps
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Mindmapping helps you be creative AND get things done

I've seen comments from people who have looked at mindmapping but never used the technique: "I never know what to do with the mindmap once I've got it." Well, here's one answer.

Mindmapping can remove creativity blocks

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Mind mapping can help with creativity – it frees you from the rigidity of lists for example – and with its visual approach stimulates alternative ways of viewing a problem. But here, Joann adds a barrage of other techniques to help you crack barriers to creativity.